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McCarley's Reliable Towing & Recovery understands the needs of financial institutions in repo cases. Our mission is to provide our clientele quick, efficient, and safe recovery of their assets, while adhering to Federal, State, and Local laws concerning repossessions.

Our utilization of the latest investigative techniques, state of the art communications technology, and equipment allows us to effect quick retrieval of any type of collateral. We provide repo services on Autos, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Semi's, and Watercraft.

Our operations function within the Central U. S.. We are able to retrieve property for our customers that many other agencies have failed at. The individuals who use every tactic available to deprive you of your collateral. These individuals change address, swap vehicles with family or friends, and do everything else to make tracking them difficult.

With societies ever increasing pace and state of mobility, the challenge of tracking People and Property "on the run" can be a demanding endeavor. Hence, our primary objective remanins keeping ahead of it all through innovative strategies, skilled repo investigators, and a wealth of global resources and information. Unsuccessful repo recovery, all parties lose. Therefore, we take the interests of our clients as serious as our own.


Repo fees seem to vary greatly within the Untied States and vary greatly from one type  of market to another. The standard rate for a repo from a bank or loan company is about $300.00. The repo agency usually has a break down in the charges which might look something like this:

***Hookup Fee:  $150.00

***Mileage Fee:  $3.00 per mile

***Condition Report:  $15.00

***Skip Trace: Min of 4 hours @ $25.00 per hour

***Additional Driver: $75.00

***Storage Fee: $40.00 per day

 This is for standard vehicles and light duty trucks only plus keys (if a dealership will make us a key) and as long as these apply as well:

1) We recover collateral from an address where you originally said it would be

2) It is road worthy and is not sitting up on blocks, jackstands, etc., etc.

3) It is not found in a police impound lot or sitting in a mechanics shop with a bill against it

4) Not found on an Indian Reservation or a Military Base

5) No guns, knives or dogs are involved

If any other than what is listed above will automatically increase the repo rates.

Any company holding a security interest in an assest on which payments have not been made can choose to repossess to recover the property. However, choosing the right repo service is a must to ensure a legal and hassle free repossession.

No one likes repossessions. Customers do not like having their possessions taken away and companies do not like having to hire companies to seize products on which payments have not been made. Although companies and customers alike face stress and added costs with repossessions, new information shows that more companies and businesses are being pushed to repossession orders. Statistics published by the Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts, new bankruptcy filings jumped 5.7% in 2002--up to 1.5 million--from 2001 alone. The Dept. for Constitutional Affairs reported in 2006 that repossession orders related to unpaid mortgages were the highest in 9 years.

While some companies think that they can repossess any items on which payments have not been paid, hiring a professional repossession service is the best option. A professional service can help companies avoid legal hassles, illegal repossession, and other problems. Hiring a good repo service is one of the best things that companies can do to get business back on track.

We thank you for considering us for your repossession needs. Please do not hesitate to call and ask questions about us or our service to serve you. We are here to serve and help you get your equipment back. Do not let them get to keep what is legally yours.


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